Pacific Ship Express offers one of the best Air Cargo Services in the US. If you are looking for the excellent air freight forwarding services then you are in the right place. We provide excellent services to both small and large companies. We are renowned for providing the outstanding air freight solutions for the huge variety of cargo.

We are well equipped with the advanced software and a big network across the world. We handle all small and large scale projects and make sure that your shipments are delivered with the optimal care. Our professionals have many years of experience and are dedicated to handling all aspects of air cargo logistics operations. You can trust us for availing the best Air Cargo Services in Delhi. We will provide you with the world-class air freight shipment. We deliver exactly what our clients need. Our unbeatable air cargo services are very effective which saves our client’s time and money.
Top Advantages of Air Freight

Send your cargo almost anywhere
High level of security
Less packaging required
The fastest shipping method
Arrival and departure consistency

Pacific Ship Express Service’ dock truck fleet is available to transport your shipment locally, regionally and nationally. The Pacific Ship Express Service team will deliver your package according to the time period and budget that suits your needs.

  • Direct
  • 2 Hour
  • 5 Hour
  • Same Day
  • Route Service

Please note that ZIP code rates apply. There is a mileage charge for long-distance requests. Pacific Ship Express carries the most comprehensive cargo insurance in the industry. Contact us for more information.

Water bodies are the main source of transportation for international freight forwarding. Due to this, sea freight forwarding is an area that our company works in to a large extent. With our connections in international ports, we deliver apex services in a hassle-free manner. Sea freight forwarding can sometimes be arduous for the customer if end-to-end management is not efficient. With our efficient servicing, deliverables reach the customers without such aggravating glitches when and where they want.

We manage our sea freight services through both commercial ships and steamer services. With excellent management between the carriers and the individuals at both ends of the transactions, we have been able to manage not just traditional packages of containers but large consignments of cargo through our shipment services. All kinds shipments are made through are efficient freight forwarding network. We also make sure that we provide the best deals to our customers by advising them on the ports etc. they should select to get the best deals for their consignments.

Our services include the following:

Tracking facilities that provide constant information of where your consignment is. With the help of computerized mechanisms, we are constantly updated on the status of the consignments. This in turn helps us to inform the customer the status of their consignment in terms of place and time.
Management of consignment logistics. This includes both warehousing and transport of the containers to the required destinations. We keep apex facilities at our storage areas and provide the best transportation to transfer content from one place to another.
Customized shipment of different commodities like metals, food products, raw materials, and textiles.
Integration services for both exported and imported goods.
Transport of multiple consignments at a time. This allows for more deliveries of consignments in a shorter span of time.

Pacific Ship Express is one of the finest Warehousing Company in the US. We provide the unbeatable warehouse service and supply operations to ensure that our customers distribute their service on the promised time. Being the trusted name in the industry, We are engaged in offering secured and excellent warehouse services. We have various loading docks with sufficient space for placing materials which makes it easy for shipping and receiving.

Our professionals are very concerned about the safety of the client’s materials while delivering them to different locations. That’s why we take necessary safety measures to prevent any mishappening while transportation. We are one of the best Warehousing Company in US which assures the best security and weather-proof service of goods along with the standard packing for our customers.

Get the insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat. Cargo Insurance standardizes cargo coverage and puts claims control back in your hands. Get hassle-free coverage in just minutes, with claims processed in 30 days or less.
Cargo Insurance is designed specifically to address the needs of Brokers and Shippers by standardizing cargo coverage and putting control of the claims process back into their hands. Claims are handled by a dedicated, professional team with the goal of processing claims in 30 days or less. The coverage process is hassle-free and takes just minutes!

The importing and exporting process can be a maze to those unfamiliar with the documentation, shipping procedures and various roles involved in the movement of goods from one country to another. Even for the seasoned importer/exporter, doing it all alone can be a hassle. That’s why Pacific Ship Express provides consulting services for our clients. Our import/export consultants have worked in every aspect of the business, and not only can we help advise importers and exporters, but we also provide customs brokerage and documentation services. A little advice can go a long way to help you get your international business up and running with fewer bumps in the road.





We provide a wide variety of services to meet all your STAT and Scheduled / Route delivery needs, with service available 24/7. Pacific Ship Express utilizes bicycles, autos, mini vans, cargo vans, sprinters and box trucks to provide single source service solutions to our customers.

Goods Packaging

We are a specialized provider of packaging and services relating to hazardous materials and general shipping. When you order from DG Supplies, you can rest assured knowing that customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority.

Destination Possibilities

No matter what State you want to move in, White Truck Moving Company covering all the destination across United States! Absolutely no worries about that, this is our job. We have a hight quality logistic team as well as last generation software which helps to keep our eyes on each piece of the items that we have in our storage.

Hight Protection

We have been safely delivering results using secure, trusted and innovative logistic methods for over 10 years, which is
why Tucker is the preferred transportation provider to shippers of high value and high security goods. We’re proud to
arrange white glove service for your valuable shipment, through a complete range of North American transportation solutions:





Safety and Security of your Product is our First Priority

Our commitment to the safety and security of your freight begins with understanding the requirements for your specific shipment and your carefully crafted standards of care, contracting with a select group of carriers, applying our innovative “forensic dispatch” approach to all shipments, and ends with the safe, seamless and unscathed on-time delivery of your valuable product.



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