Cargo Insurance

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Protect your cargo and your bottom line.

Get the insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat. Cargo Insurance standardizes cargo coverage and puts claims control back in your hands. Get hassle-free coverage in just minutes, with claims processed in 30 days or less.

Goods Packaging

We are a specialized provider of packaging and services relating to hazardous materials and general shipping.

Destination Possibilities

No matter what State you want to move in, White Truck Moving Company covering all the destination across United States!

High Protection

We have been safely delivering results using secure, trusted and innovative logistic methods for over 10 years,

What is Cargo Insurance?


Cargo Insurance is designed specifically to address the needs of Brokers and Shippers by standardizing cargo coverage and putting control of the claims process back into their hands. Claims are handled by a dedicated, professional team with the goal of processing claims in 30 days or less. The coverage process is hassle-free and takes just minutes!

What Cargo Insurance is

Primary cargo insurance provided on a broader Shipper’s Interest or “All-Risk” policy form. Coverage may be secured on a per-load basis, providing up to $100K in cargo coverage.
A stand-alone policy independent from the motor carrier’s insurance. In the event of a loss, the Broker/Shipper are in a first party position and do not rely on actions of the motor carrier to file claims.
A policy covering cargo loss due to “Acts of God”, unattended vehicles, theft, or loss from delay in transit.

What Cargo Insurance is NOT

Contingent cargo, which requires the motor carrier’s claim to have been denied to even file a claim.
Spike, Excess or GAP. Cargo Insurance is first-dollar coverage; it does not add to the motor carrier’s current coverage limit.
A Motor Carrier Legal Liability policy, which requires the loss to be due to the actions of the motor carrier.

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